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My Journey Back To Myself

Two psychiatrists told me I would NEVER work full-time again when I was 39 years old.  In my head, I said “Screw You!”  I had accepted the diagnosis of bipolar disorder 4 years earlier, but I would Never accept the Prognosis.  No one would dictate to me what I could and couldn’t do with my life.  After working part time at several different jobs between episodes of depression and mania I finally landed a full time job in an office.  I have been working full time for 7 years now and have started my Keynote Speaking & Virtual Assistant Business.  I have now enjoyed over 10 years of good health with only minor setbacks.  My motto for the last 15 years has been:

“I Don’t Give Up, I Don’t Give In, and I Don’t Take No for an Answer.”

I had to recover, to lead by example.
 I had to recover, to teach them,
 that life was meant to be fun, not something to be endured.
I had to recover, to teach them, to be fearless and take risks.
I had to recover, to teach them, to pursue their passions, and follow their dreams.
I had to recover, to become someone, they could be proud,

to call “Mom.”

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Accept the Diagnosis, Not the Prognosis